Fool Online Slot Machines

One of the most frequently asked questions these days is whether or not it is possible to fool online slot machines, and therefore generate abnormal returns on a regular basis from playing at online casinos.

It has always been a dream of most people to win big on a casino slot machine, as often you will yield hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money which wouldn’t have been available to you before.

Wouldn’t it be even better though if you didn’t have to win, but instead simply play and play in order to somehow swing the odds in your favour, and therefore make a profit regardless of the length of time you spent playing? Certainly, it would cause more people to play online slot machines, but as you can probably tell – it would be highly inefficient for the online casinos to offer such lucrative games, and they would quickly go bankrupt. Go to this website to find the best casino sites from the United Kingdom with the newest and the best slot games.

Payout Ratios

Hopefully by reading that last sentence of the previous paragraph, you can understand that there is literally no easy way to fool an online slot machine, and therefore gain an upper hand advantage against other punters, and the casino.

In fact, online slot machine programmers take many steps to ensure that there is absolutely no way for you to manipulate the earnings and payouts, and hence create a balanced and fair playing field for all – with a slight advantage to the house (casino).

Usually, these advantage percentages will surprise you. Whilst some people might have thought that the casinos would attempt to milk as much money out of you as possible, the truth is that they only take a tiny percentage of all bets made – somewhere in the vicinity of 1% or so.

Not only does this mean that the chances of you winning a large prize are quite high, but it also means that if you play in the long term, you will only risk losing 1% of the total amount that you bet.

The Permanent Advantage

Don’t get us wrong here. The house always has the upper hand. Remember, casinos are in the business of making a profit, not giving away free money.

Think like this when you play at the slot machines next time, and you will surely come out on top.

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The $2,500 Bonus Buck Weekend Freeroll goes from 9 a.m. on Saturdays to 10 p.m. on Sundays, and the $8,888 Guaranteed Slots Tournaments run from 7 p.m. to 7 p.m. daily for a $6.99 buyin. In video poker, there are $2,500 tournaments running three days a week and even blackjack has tournaments three times weekly as well for a low 99˘ entry.

But this is just scratching the surface of the offerings at Go Casino.

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